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Intelligent Big Data

An intelligent search designed for Big Data!

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  •    Smart search
  •    Easy to install
  •    Detailed analytics
  •    Custom search results
  •    Index control
  •    Advanced developer API

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Smart Search

Denote's patented search (Semantic Search) understands your site content the same way your customers would.

fast site search

Blazing Fast

It's blazing fast! Let your customers have an unforgettable experience by finding what they came for in your website.

hosted site search


Denote is hosted in our secure cloud and is managed by a team of gurus. You dont need any technical knowledge to use Denote.

search analytics

Detailed Analytics

Understanding user's search queries are the most effective way to see what they want. View search trends, queries with no results and many more search metrics.

custom search results

Custom Results

It's your search. You have the control to include/exclude any parts of your website. And even better, manually drag and drop results to re-arrange rankings.

mobile friendly search

Mobile Ready

In addition to mobile SDKs, Denote's out of the box search plugin works with any device. Just place it anywhere and see how it adapts.